ASCB is a friendly community band, based in south London, making music together since 1975.

We are a Concert Band so our line-up is of woodwind and brass instrumentalists and percussion. Members include both amateur and semi-professional musicians who meet to rehearse every Monday evening near Crystal Palace.

Our music covers a very wide range, from Abba to Bach, and includes films and shows, light opera, traditional folk tunes, and arrangements of the classics or pop compilations. For players this provides variety and interest – while to those who book the band we can offer a choice of programme to suit any occasion.

ASCB gives performances throughout the year at both indoor and outdoor events, in a variety of venues from bandstands to shopping centres, and including local churches, community halls and schools. We help several charities with fundraising, including an annual ‘Carolathon’ and flag days on local high streets. Some are annual events, but we are always looking out for new opportunities and new venues.

Highlights from recent years

Our ‘Supper Concert’ in 2016 invited guests to ‘A Night at the Oscars’ - a walk down the red carpet, paparazzi photos, a banquet buffet supper and music from Oscar nominated films made for a memorable evening for all.

ASCB’s 40th Anniversary Concert – ex-members from around the country joined ASCB to celebrate 40 years of Music Making with a super-sized band of over 50 musicians.

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Corporate events

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ASCB People

All Saints Orchestra was formed in 1975 as a pit band for an Old Time Music Hall production under the direction of Peter Browning. Its purpose was to raise funds for the youth groups of the Parish of All Saints, Upper Norwood.

The members enjoyed the experience so much that it was decided to re-form in 1976 as a permanent community band. From 12 players in 1975 the band has grown in strength to around 40 musicians, under a change of name adopted in 1983 of the All Saints Concert Band, reflecting the current line-up of woodind, brass and percussion instruments.

ASCB’s Music Director, Rob Mason has been a member of the band since joining as a ‘junior’ euphonium player in 1979. He took over the conductors baton from Eddie Summers in 1990 and is the leading figure in ensuring the band provides entertaining programmes at all of our concerts. Rob’s approach is “to make music fun – it’s all about enjoyment, for the players and the audience.”

ASCB is run by a committee of band members, elected annually, assisted by ‘section leaders’ but all members are encouraged to take an active role in the organisation and operation of the band – from choosing music to suggesting new performance venues. We have at least two social events a year, with several other informal meet-ups. Several members of ASCB also belong to other concert bands and orchestras so there is a constant flow of new musical ideas, to keep rehearsals and performances fresh!

We’ve been making music since 1975 and always welcome new members
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